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  求人工帮忙翻译,网络在线翻译用不了,谢谢。也可以用网上翻译,但要把各种语法错误等改好。在线; 我来答




  这是网上翻译的:With the advent of the Internet era, forums has become an important way of communication on the internet. Forum on the site are free to express their views, so comments also generated a lot of spam. Spam filtering not only for


  With the coming of the internet era, the forum on website becomes an important way of communication. At the website forum, one can publish his opinion freely. Thus, it brings also a lot of junk infomation. The filtering of junk information will not only improve the users experience of browsing, but also play an important role of information collecting and analyzing. Therefore, we need to study how to do the real time filtering of the comments in the forum. Through constructing the website forum system by using object-facing analysis technology, adopting of combining number of words and contents, clustering and LEOF algorithm, the comments can be filtered in real time mode. We achieved a real time filtering accurate rate of 0.6 and have certain effect in the area of real time filtering.

  With the advent of the Internet era, forums have been an important way of communication on the internet. We can express ourselves freely on the forums, but comments also generated a lot of spam at the same time. Spam filtering can not only greatly improve the users borwsing experience, but also be important for the information collection and analysis. Doing real-time research and analysis for the filtering ganerated in comments , building web forum system by object-like technology and doing real-time filtering and LEOF reviews using a combination of words and content, clustering algorithms may get real-time filtering accuracy rate up to 0.6.They will achieve a certain effect in real time filtering .

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