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  来高手啊 !!! 最好不要有语病啊。。。这个是论文要的 写错了 老师还要在打回在写。。展开我来答


  When conducting muscing lesson in school, it is required both the students and teacher efforts to make the lesson vibrant and lively. Hence, the music teacher should facilitate and the students would play the main roles. The facilitator/teacher should find means and ways to match the demands from the students/learners. In the processing of conducting music lesson, all sorts of padegogical methods/tools or cutting edge ideas ought to be introduced to make the lesson fruitful in order to arouse the interest of the student/learner. Hence, the learning evironment/atmosphere will become cohesive, vibrant, relax, and enjoyable to feel the music, to experience the soul of music so as to create new ideas in music and to broaden the horinzon of musical world.